3 pcs Moksa Organic Hemp Aroma Extract (3x30ml)


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Tradition and Innovation
Decades of experience across generations ensure the highest quality natural products.

Hemp: A plant with history
Hemp is considered one of the oldest and most proven cultivated plants.

We are particularly commited to the highest quality & transparency

  • Ilona Med products are 100% natural and contain no artificial additives.
  • Thanks to our specially designed cultivation and production process and the expectionally nutrient-rich organic soil in the floodplain of Lake Neusiedl, the hemp plants on the fields get plenty of space and light.
  • This allows the plants to grow strong and healthy before they are harvested at the perfect time and processed, all exclusively by hand.

100% Natural
From our own organic farms

Processing exclusively by hand
Preservation of all the valuable ingredients

Inspected & certified
Constant monitoring and analysis

The full power of the hemp plant
Ilona Med Hemp Extracts are extracted exclusively from EU certified organic hemp with a THC content of below 0.2%. CO2 extraction ensures Ilona Med Hemp Extracts are 100% natural and contain in addition to CBD/CBDA the full spectrum of the hemp plant. The natural interaction of all the valuable ingredients unfolds the full power of the hemp plant.

100% Natural
Made of organic hemp

CO2 Extraktion

Arge Canna Certification
Ac Seal of Approval

Shake well before use. Store tightly sealed, out of reach of children and adolescents and away from heat and light.

Notice: This product contains CBD/CBDA.